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This is a FETAC Level 5 Certified Course delivered by operational frontline instrustors over 3 Days covering 8 modules. Tuition is delivered over 3 days culminating in 24 hours of learning and assessment. Or alternatively we have found the option of running the course 1 day a week over 3 weeks suit employers. Successful candidates will be awarded with a Level 5 FETAC Certificate which is valid for 2 years and renewable upon completion of a 1-Day refresher course.


Unit 1 – First Aid in the Workplace

Unit 2 – Patient Assessment

Unit 3 – Respiratory Emergencies

Unit 4 – Cardiac First Response

Unit 5 – Wounds and Bleeding

Unit 6 – Altered Levels of Consciousness

Unit 7 – Musculoskeletal Injuries

Unit 8 – Burns and Scalds, Chemicals, Electric Shock



This course is open to private and corporate students alike providing employers with the opportunity to comply with their legal obligations in the workplace as well as offering students the opportunity to learn invaluable life-saving skills that can be applied in all areas of everyday life.

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