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Simply Safety provides Covid-19 Health & Safety Support and Training. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Simply Safety have seamlessly continued working with our clients, old and new, to ensure that they, their employees, and customers are safe, secure, and supported.


Our expert team will review your entire operating procedures and service delivery to ensure that every element is safeguarded for Covid-19. Through our Covid-19 risk assessments, safety statements, Covid-19 route to a safe working environment and Covid-19 training we will ensure that you are Covid-19 ready, protected and safeguarded.


Covid-19  Return to Work Induction Training: 

  • Covid-19 Symptoms

  • How Covd-19 Spreads

    • Chain of Infection​

    • Physical Distancing

    • Hand Hygiene

    • Respiratory Hygiene

    • Cross Contamination Transmission Points

  • Safety Statement

  • Risk Assessments

  • Control measures for Covid-19 Back to Work Protocol ​

  • Mental Health Covid-19 Fatigue / Impact

  • Compliance Officer
    • Practical Assessment of a Room​
    • Cleaning /Sanitising Schedules
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Use of and application

This training course instructs an employer, Cvid-19 Compliance Officer and employee on returning to and working within a Covid-19 environment.

Food Safety Covid-19 Compliance Officer Accrediation Training 

Make sure you know the food safety risks posed by your operation and how to control them. Check that your food safety management system is up to date and includes any changes you have made to your processes/procedures due to closing and re-opening and in line with COVID-19 measures in line with FSAI, HSE and NSAI Guidelines.

Every food service business is required to have a COVID-19 Manager and/or COVID-19 Compliance Officer,  


To protect your customers, clients, food service staff, and the safe continuity of your food business you must ensure that all food workers and supporting roles are also trained in COVID-19 Awareness, infection control and both personal and operational hygiene practices.

Course Content:

  • COVID-19 Overview

  • New COVID-19 Legislation

  • Food Safety Legislation

  • Health & Safety Legislation

  • Enhancing Food Safety & HACCP / FSMS

  • Defending against spread of COVID-19

  • Managing your workforce safety

  • Deep Clean Policy & Procedures

  • Safely maintaining & adapting your premises

  • Communications to employees & customers

  • Risk Assessment & Management

HSA Covid-19

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