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IPAF's comprehensive range of mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) training courses is detailed below. IPAF also has courses for mast climbing work platforms (MCWP) and hoists. 

IPAF MEWP Operator Training: 

  • Course Length: From half a day up to three days (depending on machine category)

  • Theory eLearning available

  • PAL Card on completion  

This training course instructs an operator to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWPs, also referred to as cherry pickers, aerial lefts or scissor lifts. Categories include Static Vertical (1a), Static Boom (1b), Mobile Vertical (3a), Mobile Boom (3b), Specialist Machines (SPECIAL).


The training course for Push Around Vertical (PAV) MEWPs takes half a day and Insulated Aerial device (IAD) MEWPs takes two days.


IPAF's MEWP Operator Training is certified by TÜV as conforming to the international standard ISO 18878 Mobile elevating work platforms - Operator (driver) training.


Duration of the course is variable depending on the type of course, trainee experience, machine complexity, and the number of machine categories taken. One day is a minimum of seven hours.

PAL+ Advanced MEWP Operator Training 

  • Course length: One day

  • Pal Card on completion

PAL+ is an optional, additional one day of category-specific training aimed at operators working in higher risk or challenging environments. Machine categories available are 1b+, 3a+,3b+.

MEWP Demonstrator

  • Course length: One day

  • PAL Card on completion

This course trains a demonstrator to familiarise operators with their responsibilities and to demonstrate pre-operational and safe operating procedures, and the limitations of MEWPs.

Harness Use and Inspection

  • Course length: One day

  • Certification on completion

This course instructs a user to select, inspect and use a harness and associated equipment safely when using a MEWP. 

Loading / Unloading MEWPS

  • Course length: One day

  • Certification on completion

This course instructs an operator and/or driver in the correct safety procedures for the loading, unloading and securing of machinery prior to or following transportation by road. 


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