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Safe Use of Pesticides Amenity Refresher

Ensure you are up to date with legislation surrounding pesticides in the amenity sector with this dedicated refresher course. We will cover safe practice and the best ways to reduce negative impacts on yourself and the environment.

Pesticides are widely used horticulture and the grounds maintenance sector. 
They can also be harmful to the public and the environment, so a thorough appreciation of safe working practices is vital. Our course is tailor-made for people responsible for the storage, handling and application of pesticides used in the amenity sector. It will top up your existing knowledge of health and safety legislation, helping you use pesticides to their full potential
The finer details
We will guide you through key elements of using pesticides safely and with confidence.
You will cover changes or updates in key legislation, the importance of keeping and maintaining clear records and understanding any changes on product labels.
Importance protection issues - for both you and the environment - from a major part of the course.
Course sessions:
  • Common Terms When Using Pesticides
  • Consequences of NOT Using or Handling Pesticides Safely
  • Legislation That Affects Pesticide Use
  • Pesticide Product Labels
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Safe Storage and Transport of Pesticides
  • Environmental Factors
  • Disposal of Pesticides and Containers
  • Dealing with Accidents/Incidents
  • Keeping Pesticide Records
When you've finished this course, you'll have an upgraded understanding of using pesticides in the amenity sector. You'll also be able to:
  • Understand your duties under the law and help you become a safe and competent pesticide user
  • Understand what pesticides are and their ‘field of use or ‘industry sector’
  • State legislation relevant to pesticide application
  • Interpret and use label information
  • Take the appropriate action to protect individuals and the environment
  • Store and transport pesticides safely
  • Dispose of pesticides and containers safely
  • Correctly record information.
Simply Safety Lantra Safe Use of Pesticides Amentity Refresher Brochure
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