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Since 1998 it has been a legal requirement for all food businesses to have a food safety management system based on the principle of HACCP. Under current legislation, a food business is defined as "…any undertaking, whether for profit or not and whether public or private, carrying out any or all of the following: preparation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storing, transportation, distribution, handling or offering for sale or supply of foodstuffs"

  • HACCP – background

  • Management responsibilities & Food hygiene responsibilities

  • Pre-Requisite programme

  • Scope and product description

  • Flowchart Hazard analysis

  • Hazard control plans and Critical Control Points

  • Critical Limits and Corrective actions

  • System verification and Review

  • Records and documentation




Personnel working with food manufacturers processing meat and poultry, especially those with food safety, quality assurance, or quality compliance roles. Other food manufacturers not manufacturing​ these products will also benefit from this training that need a knowledge of HACCP. It is important that owners and staff of cafes, restaurants, kiosks and deli's are all aware of their legal obligation in relation to HACCP

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Safety Courses | Louth
Safety Courses | Louth
Safety Courses | Louth
Safety Courses | Louth
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