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The risk attached to the storing and mixing of chemicals (even household chemicals) is to say the least severe. By storing these chemicals correctly and understanding their correct use we can manage this risk and ensure that the accidents that we read about in the papers don’t happen to us. Course content includes: 


  • Understanding the requirements for safe handling and storage of chemicals

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the legal requirements

  • Understand how chemicals can affect the body

  • Understand the need for, and the types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Read and understand Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Understand the relevant labels and markings




Any person who will be exposed to chemicals as part of their duties, or indeed any person who is responsible for the exposure of others to chemicals.

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Safety Courses | Louth
Safety Courses | Louth
Safety Courses | Louth
Safety Courses | Louth
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